Our collective passion and experience for aviation provides practical solutions to complex projects. We are dedicated to working with you to expand your business throughout the aviation industry.

We own, operate and work in the facilities we build, which has led us to gain a wealth of knowledge and insight into the requirements of the aviation world. This insight has increased our proficiency to strategically plan and develop each of our projects.

We offer construction, facility maintenance, property management and leasing services , which are designed to be easily combined, so you receive a full spectrum of resources that will enable your business to grow continually.



The Nanaimo Airport Commission is committed to developing the commercial potential of the Nanaimo Airport, by creating an attractive development environment.

The Nanaimo Airport property is situated on approximately 500 acres. The primary catchment area includes a population greater than 232,000 and serves on average – 350,000 passengers annually. We are adjacent to the Island Highway approximately 15 minutes south of Nanaimo, an excellent position to meet the growing needs of local communities. We are a modern air passenger facility supporting a broad range of services and amenities.

* For conceptual use only. All floorplans, features, maps and artistic renderings are subject to change without notice.

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